The International EASA Convention, June 24th-26th  - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is the largest gathering of companies dedicated to the Electric Motor Industry in North America. The Convention allows manufacturers an opportunity to display the newest products, discuss developments and exchange ideas for the up and coming.


Lafert North America will continue to feature the High Performance series of Metric Motors, as well will introduce the extended range of Nema Premium, 6 pole motors, demonstrating how Lafert strives to maintain its position on the cutting edge of technology in the Motor Industry. 


The key focus is to present unique and innovative information to the industry, shattering the perception that all motors are the same. This type of event allows us to show the diversity of Lafert North America and what we can offer to solve problems and push the industry in new directions. Our aim is to increase the level of awareness of the versatile nature within our motor range - the management team at Lafert North America comments. The other factor which may be more important is the strengthening of existing relationships and the development of new contacts. We believe this will build stronger partnerships which will garnish higher levels of achievements”.


On the networking side of the Convention, Lafert North America hosts an annual EASA Party, which is held outside of the scheduled program. Guests can build closer relationships with Lafert representatives. 


What about EASA?

EASA (Electrical Apparatus and Service Association) is an International Organization, whose membership is focused on the service, repair and sales of Electric Motors. EASA acts as a source of technical support to its members, with engineering available in various fields. EASA has also acted as a lobbyist for their members, with different levels of government. 



For the first time, from 19 to 22 June, the Lafert Group will take part in Automatica, the International Trade Fair for Smart Automation and Robotics, to be held at the International Congress Centre Munich in Munich, Germany.


With over 43,000 visitors from more than 100 countries, Automatica is the leading marketplace for automated production, featuring the world’s largest range of solutions in the application of robotics, assembly systems, machine vision systems and components. The goal is to promote high efficiency and quality products.


Christof Franke, Country Sales Manager, started by saying, ‘The application and use of new technologies within process automation is becoming increasingly widespread. Also, the benefits of using these new technologies are becoming fully evident in daily operations. In fact, the more multi-level processes are automated, the more flexibly the needs of end customers are met.’ 


For the occasion, Lafert will present a wide range of Brushless Servomotors reaching torque values up to 390 Nm, for high dynamic and acceleration applications, also available with ATEX Certification - Zone 2 and 22; the new series of compact Servomotors with dedicated mechanical components, from square flange (40, 60, 80, 100, 116 and 180 mm) to special electrical designs (230 and 400V). 


Specifically,’ Franke continues, ‘our products include application solutions designed for robotics and material handling. Therefore, during the trade fair, our aim will be to present the Lafert Group, but also to connect with OEMs in the sector and to establish profitable partnerships. Following Automatica,’ Franke concludes, ‘in 2018 we will also be at IMTS in Chicago (from 10 to 15 September), IAS in Shanghai (from 19 to 23 September) and SPS in Nuremberg (from 27 to 29 November).’ 



Lafert will be the Competence Center for the research and development of all electric motors of Sumitomo Drive Technologies, aiming to increase the total production value from the current 250 to 400 million Euro in 2025.


Tokyo / San Donà di Piave, 25th May 2018 - Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., a leading Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which generated revenues of over 6 billion Euro in 2017 and employs 20,000 people worldwide, announces the acquisition of Lafert Group, European leader in the design and production of electric motors and drivers customized for industrial use. Lafert closed 2017 with a turnover of 150 million Euro, over 9% more than 2016 and an EBITDA margin above 10%; revenues of the first quarter 2018 were 17% above previous year.


The transaction

The value of the transaction, which will be finalized after closing activities and the approval of the Antitrust Authority, is equal to an equity value of EUR 172.65 million. Following the acquisition, Lafert will be part of Power Transmission and Controls division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, which is known as the brand Sumitomo Drive Technologies, the market leader in Japan. In 2017, Power Transmission and Controls business segment closed with almost 1 billion Euro sales and an operating income margin above 10%.


The current top management will continue to be engaged in the company activities to pursue the growth plan of Lafert and assure the best integration possible. All Lafert facilities and staff, in Italy and abroad, will be maintained and enhanced, supported by a strong development strategy.


Lafert future development

The acquisition of Lafert is a milestone in Sumitomo Heavy Industries’ expansion strategy in the electric motors and industrial machines electrification space. Lafert will be the global Competence Center for the research and development of all motors under the Sumitomo Drive Technologies banner and will also be the point of reference for the market development in the future.


Lafert will lead on a global scale sales, marketing, R&D and engineering activities as to motors manufactured in its production facilities, in Italy, Slovenia and China. 


The robust financials of Sumitomo Heavy Industries will support Lafert growth strategy and will facilitate the company in consolidating its leading position in the electric motors market. Both Sumitomo Heavy Industries and Lafert will mutually benefit from accessing new markets.


Growth and business areas

The total value of the production of electric motors of Sumitomo Drive Technologies after the acquisition of Lafert will amount to 250 million Euro, of which 24% brushless servomotors and torque motors, 12% permanent magnet synchronous motors and 64% asynchronous motors. The target is to increase to 400 million Euro by 2025, also thanks to an ambitious plan of investments and organisation strengthening.


Following the acquisition of Lafert, the EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) sales of Sumitomo Drive Technologies will consist in 49% electric motors, 6% geared motors, 19% precision gears, 18% gearboxes and 8% services.


With this deal, Lafert will be able to expand its product portfolio with the wide range of industrial and precision gears, as well as higher frame sizes (180-250) asynchronous motors produced by Sumitomo Heavy Industries.


Many business opportunities can be developed thanks to the fact that there is no overlap between the two product portfolios. The main target markets are industrial automation, HVAC/R applications, air technologies, material handling and robotics, textile machineries, food & beverage.


The advisors 

Lafert Group has been assisted by Studio BM&A (Treviso) as legal adviser, by Scouting as financial adviser and by Consimp (Treviso) as accounting and tax adviser.


Sumitomo Heavy Industries has been assisted by Bonelli Erede Pappalardo as legal adviser, by GCA Altium as financial adviser and by Deloitte as accounting and tax adviser.



Sumitomo Heavy Industries is one of the 33 companies of the Sumitomo Group, founded by Masatomo Sumitomo about 400 years ago in Japan. In 2017, Sumitomo Heavy Industries closed with a record high of over 6 billion Euro in both order-receiving and sales and an operating income margin of 8.8%.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries operates in the engineering sector and is a highly innovative company that designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products, such as mechanical components as Power Transmission and Controls products, precision machines such as plastic injection molding machines and cancer treatment machines, industrial machinery, construction machinery, ships and environmental facilities. More information is available on the company’s website


The second year of the PTDA Canadian Conference in Toronto dated 6 to 8 June is one of the most popular event of promotion and train in motion control and power transmission industry. “The 2018 program focuses on improving communication and interaction to develop successful relationships. The PTDA Canadian conference in fact – the Lafert North America Management clarifies - is not a traditional Convention or trade show as the presenting of products is not the objective; it is rather the discussing of ideas and demonstrating how our products and company can assist in providing solutions for our customers”.


On this occasion, Lafert will introduce the new generation of IE3 Nema Premium/EISA Asynchronous Motors, in addition to the IE4/IE5 range, with a new and exclusive design specifically developed to increase motor efficiency. “The PTDA Conference – the Management continues – is the ideal customer base to present a combination of our various product lines. We can provide the proverbial one stop shopping location to customers as we have the capabilities to solve sourcing needs for a wide variety of products”.


The PTDA Conference is perfect for meeting with key personnel in important positions within the larger distribution companies in North America, and on the other hand, there’s still opportunity to meet with the smaller companies in the same space. Really – the Management says - it’s an occasion to present ideas and discuss the products we have to offer, but more importantly the service, the capabilities and the know-how of the people inside the Lafert Group”. 


The goal for 2018 is the continued penetration of the Lafert brand into the HVAC industry, while finding new opportunities for the HP series in air and fluid movement applications. The next project for Lafert NA is within the air movement industry, - the Management unveils - we will endeavour to move our top prospects forward by moving some to the next level of negotiations and gathering information with current customers to further improve our overall success together”.



Hannover Messe, the world’s largest trade fair, will be held from 23 to 27 April and will attract more than 250,000 visitors and over 6,000 exhibitors representing various industrial manufacturing sectors. ‘We will be focusing on integrated automation, motion & drive,’ Holger Klein, Lafert GmbH says. 


The economic situation in Germany,’ Klein continues, ‘has been favourable, with a long period of stable growth; we look forward to welcoming all visitors, making new contacts and discussing interesting projects that will increase our market share. At present, energy saving solutions are a trend that have taken root, this area continues to grow and evolve. As a result, Lafert seeks to further boost its business.’ 


On this occasion, Lafert will introduce the new generation of IE3 Nema Premium/EISA Asynchronous Motors with a new and exclusive design; the innovative range of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors IE4/IE5, specifically optimised for HVAC applications; Synchronous Motors from 0.55 kW to 30 kW at variable speed with sensorless drives (available with IPM and SMPM technology); the wide range of Brushless servomotors reaching torque values up to 390 Nm, for high dynamic and acceleration applications, available with ATEX Certification - Zone 2 and 22 for use in potentially explosive environments. 


Last year the Group faced new and interesting challenges in the highly customised design of IE4/IE5 motors, and therefore acquired further know-how in this area.’ ‘Moreover,’  the Manager of Lafert Germany adds, ‘the Group exchanges views daily in order to provide its customers and partners with leading-edge technology, supported by well-established partnerships with market leaders in fields such as renewable energy, HVAC, air technology and industrial machinery.’


Lafert’s goal for 2018 is to consolidate its position as a leading supplier of high-performance motors and servomotors.’ Holger Klein concludes, ‘we will certainly continue to improve our offer, especially in terms of performance and durability, as well as conducting research and pursuing technological innovation.’