The internationalization process of Lafert Group has always relied on the design capacity of our technicians and engineers. As a part of the large industrial group Sumitomo Drive Technologies, these capacities continue to grow today. 

Our R&D department is a strategic function of the Business Development Department and carries out two primary activities: the study and research of new products and the constant examination of new technologies. Flexibility, reliability, and research guarantee us a superior presence in the international competitive arena.

Now we have introduced a new goal: to think big and anticipate the next global needs while achieving a more efficient and sustainable world.

Research and development at the basis of our evolution

In the R&D department we have been able to anticipate the needs of the market by working in collaboration with our customers and studying their specific applications resulting in solid groundwork for asynchronous and servo motors.

Thanks to these skills we were able to combine the features of asynchronous motors with advanced electronics by developing solutions with permanent magnet technology to create a range of super-efficient and variable speed motors (SMPM design).

This has also allowed us to apply variable speed to applications where the motors have always been asynchronous, such as HVAC and air compressors, enhancing performance without compromising compact design.

Market approach – Meeting our partners requirements

The design of Lafert motors is a fundamental element that we pay considerable attention to especially in our integrated systems. The latest solutions have been inspired by the market demand for industrial components designed in accordance with industry 4.0 canons. The shape of our latest product ranges has been developed in our studio that specializes in industrial design. The result is an aesthetic that optimizes the intuitiveness of the interface but also captures the spirit of the Lafert family.

Innovation has been part of us for sixty years

Our range of permanent magnet synchronous motors, compliant with the IE4 and IE5 Super Premium Efficiency classes, has a unique compact design that greatly reduces energy consumption. The result is a range of motors that take advantage of the benefits of high electronic control and variable speed in all applications. This range achieves the reliability of an asynchronous motor with brushless servo motor performance aimed at both quadratic torque and constant torque applications.

Motors with SMPM and IPM design arise from our natural approach to the market, co-design methodology and the search for the greatest quality materials and processes.

We have developed a technology with ferrite-based magnets that achieves high performance, is more widely available and is less sensitive to demagnetization.

By studying the physical capabilities of permanent magnets, we have created a range of products where magnets are no longer mounted to the surface of the metal sheet but embedded in it, further improving performance and reliability.

Our investments in Research & Development - 2020

An integrated future

Motors that guarantee high performance in a compact design are among the list of key requirements in today’s market. Our innovative range of ultra-compact servo motors and  high-power density motors reduce size and weight by up to 50%. Our products have customizable design in both stand-alone and integrated motor and drive configurations.

The upcoming automatization and electrification of the world challenges us to design products with system connectivity aligned with the direction of Industry 4.0. In synergy with Sumitomo, we are developing integrated solutions that combine gearboxes, motors and electronics to guarantee maximum performance and extend the use of electronics to all applications.

How much energy do our IE4 motors save?


Innovation to serve energy savings

Our products are the result of innovation that improves system efficiency which arises from the continuous search for maximum functionality with minimal environmental impact.

Lafert contributes to environmental protection by optimizing motor performance. Our engineers put efficiency and energy savings at the heart of product development. 

We include quality and environmental safety in everything we do to build a sustainable long-term vision. We create increasingly efficient products that contribute to reducing world emissions, but we also implement measures in our internal production processes to prevent wasting resources. We aim to lead by example because environmental quality at Lafert means progress towards a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Our IE4 motors really help safeguard the world

Safety First

To ensure a better future we believe that we need to take action across the board (at different levels) involving employees, suppliers, customers and all the stakeholders we are in contact with.

ISO 45001 certification
, dealing with health and safety at work, is a legislation without legal obligation, but our voluntary commitment to continuous improvement of working conditions. This way, we increase social benefit and set a high minimum standard for health and safety. Every day we focus our efforts on managing increasingly secure and cutting-edge production processes through risk management and monitoring the business environment.

Environmental quality

While the industrial world is beginning to understand the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the report produced by the World Meteorological Organization highlights how they are continuing to grow.

At Lafert, we work on concrete facts. We develop cutting-edge solutions to help reduce emissions by bringing superior energy-efficient motors to the market.

ISO 14001 certification was the start of the company’s ecological conversion process. Our internal department, HEALTH AND SAFETY FACILITY, constantly monitors the consumption of all the Group's plants through energy diagnosis and monthly reports.

Lafert’s environmental sustainability is realized through the development of products with cutting-edge performance which contribute to the energy savings of our customers and our planet. It also means complete reduction and recycling of waste and more efficient plants and production processes.

This philosophy has inspired action at Lafert: the
relamping of all facilities, the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings, the use of electric company cars and the installation of recharging stations for employees and guests.

The relamping of our facilities


The story of Lafert quality motors, recognized all over the world, begins in our factories. The technical department pairs their consolidated proficiency in electric motors and specific applications with a strong approach to the market, creating highly customized solutions. New projects are fully reproduced on a large scale within our plants. 

The Made in Italy and the proverbial characteristics of our land, Veneto, have always inspired the values of Lafert motors: robustness, quality, reliability, flexibility and attention to design.

We take care of every step

A technical department consisting of over 40 engineers analyses the needs of our customers and their specific applications in a co-engineering process.

To ensure the maximum performance of our products we produce every component internally. From the cutting of metal sheets in our punching department, the winding of copper wires, the machining of metal components, the processing of permanent magnets and ferrite, to creating electronic cards; we take care of quality. 

Vertical production allows us the flexibility to create custom motors for any specific application, but also to design integrated products in synergy with other leading international companies.

Where Lafert quality is born

We believe in the strength of the group and the organization. We are committed to supplying Lafert quality to the world by providing thousands of motors per day designed for energy efficiency and the high performance required in industrial automation. 

Thanks to our innovative spirit and intrinsic commitment to customization, we are not limited by conforming to standards. We also design the internal workspaces in our plants to put our people and their needs at the core of our business. 

We are inspired by the lean philosophy and the 5S method to design plants and production processes that ensure maximum efficiency and attention to detail. With the perfect organization of space, the elimination of waste, the long-term vision of work and the well-being of our people; we achieve excellence in the quality of Lafert motors every day.

Our productivity - 2021

The evolution in our production processes

Thanks to international customers who are leaders in their sectors, our production is customized on a large scale. With Sumitomo, we face new challenges and market segments as well. We implement tight systems for controlling resources and production workflow to guarantee the quality of our motors, the compliance with customer’s expectations, and the best time to market.

Sixty years of experience in customized production paired with a culture of constant improvement identifies us as a leader in managing commercial agreements.

Lafert 4.0

We have established, innovated, and optimized production processes with a customization mechanism that seamlessly integrates with our acquired experience. The new plant in San Donà is adapting the latest generation of interconnected information systems to automate all elements of the plant and improve efficiency. We want to fully customize our production system and promote technological evolution internally.

We play to our strengths while always striving for continuous improvement. It is this strategy that
allows Lafert to always be synonymous with reliability even in new market segments.


The person at the center

We are aware that our voice in the world is not only impacted by what we do but also by how we do it. In our daily lives we know that the people who work at and believe in Lafert are what matters most. Respect, diversity and the work of each person are the pillars on which our corporate spirit is based. Our corporate philosophy is built on this set of values that is reflected in our daily life: the person at the center.

People make Lafert Group

We create working environments based on the role of each person by promoting the physical, psychological and social well-being of those who work with us. We encourage dialogue and feedback to foster everyone's growth. Mutual respect between colleagues is at the heart of creating a constructive climate that allows us to collaborate towards a continuous evolution.

Our resources

We like to welcome the newcomers (new hires) and make them part of the large Lafert family with a dedicated onboarding program. We support generational diversity by participating in school activities at local high schools, collaborating with universities and promoting the transfer of knowledge between those who have been with us for decades and those who have just entered. We also promote ambition and career growth through our internal job posting system, open to anyone who feels akin to the job offered.  We encourage social interaction with training and team building activities to help develop a feeling of belonging. We use remote technologies to shorten the social distances between our locations and actively collaborate on the company's mission.

Proud of our quality

We believe in the importance of using individual skills, diversity and ideas to collaborate and shape the Lafert Group as a whole. We all feel part of a single organism that is supported by our contributions every day. Proud to bring the quality of our motors to the world, we know that we are precious pieces in the evolution of the company. For this reason, we want to continue to evolve, innovate and be part of the continuous improvement that allows Lafert to always represent Italian quality in the world.

Deeply linked to our origins


A model of sustainable development

For 60 years we have been following an industrial development model based on the principles of sustainability, transparency, inclusion and quality. We are driven by the goal of providing a solution to the social, environmental and industrial problems of our world through the development and optimization of electrical solutions and drives. 

We want to contribute to creating a sustainable and inclusive environment for all, both socially and economically, collaborating through the development of cutting-edge systems and technologies to safeguard the planet for future generations.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Both as individuals and as companies we feel responsible for current and future sustainability, the well-being of society and the protection of the environment in which we live and work. For this reason, from 2021 we have been preparing the Lafert Group Sustainability Report  on a voluntary basis to demonstrate the importance of social and environmental sustainability within our Group.

This choice is an important opportunity to define not only the economic, social and environmental results achieved, but also to highlight the medium-long term strategic lines by identifying excellence and areas for improvement.

Concrete goals for a sustainable future

We are aware that our growth must also be sustainable and cannot disregard the adoption of solutions that are capable of increasing the well-being of the society we live in. We are doing this with our concrete commitment and establishing new optimization goals inspired by the model of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN 2030 Agenda.

The objectives we have set ourselves are developed in the fields of People, Planet and Prosperity to give substance to economic, social and environmental sustainability at a global level.

We want to guarantee sustainable production and consumption models that allow us to achieve prosperity, social inclusiveness and the dignity of employment for all while maintaining a high focus on environmental impact, water management and energy efficiency.

Innovation and inclusive sustainable development

As evidence of the group's commitment to sustainable development and strategic growth in favour of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues in business activities, in 2023 we created our first Sustainability Plan for 2023-2026, aimed at continuous monitoring of projects and results.

Innovation is the core around which projects and products revolve, it is powered by research that favors the development and sharing of knowledge. Innovation also leads to inclusive sustainable development that is at the service of people, businesses, communities and the territory.

The combination of Innovation & Environment and People Engagement are the basis of the nine pillars that Lafert aims to pursue also through the Sustainable Governancepolicies and systems that regulate the company’s processes and operations.


Here we are born, and we are part of this territory

We are born on the outskirts of Venice, in a land recognized all over the world for proactive spirit, tenacity and attention to quality. We are an active player in the growth of our local territory. We aim internally for a climate of well-being for our employees and an externally for the community. For these reasons we have always supported local activities and institutions, showing our commitment to building a solid future for the younger generations who grow up here. 

We are a company consisting of people who want to contribute, to improve and to modernize the environment where we live. 

A large group immersed in a social environment 

Today, as a member of Sumitomo, we need to intensify our presence even more by reviewing the importance of our role in the local territory. That is why we have opened a constant dialogue with local administrations and institutions. We are always committed to local projects that can help support and improve the social environment in which our company is embedded. 

More specifically, we focus on activities for the improvement of urban areas to contribute to the cultural development of new generations and to create positive moments of social aggregation. 

Main sponsor of Rugby San Donà

For many years now, a rugby team that plays in the major Italian series bears our name.

Rugby, more than any other sport, has an exceptionally rich heritage of values: nobility, loyalty, sense of responsibility, respect for the opponent, spirit of sacrifice, altruism, friendship, commitment, teamwork, determination, and courage. These values are in rugby's genetic code and involve players, technicians, managers and fans.

They are the same values that we transfer into our company life, in relations with the territory, and in ethical choices towards the environment. A good team game inevitably leads to understanding, sharing, and solidarity.

Deeply linked to our origins


We are European leaders in the designing and manufacturing of customized electric motors and drives, used primarily in the fields of industrial automation, energy saving and renewable energy.

Lafert Group demonstrates evolving innovation through our technological skills, integrated and automated industrial processes, highly motivated workforce, and by always being ready to face new challenges.

This has led us to continuously develop innovative products, such as permanent magnet motors with IE4 and IE5 energy efficiency. This evolution does not stop, it continues to grow towards "endless integrated solutionsfor the most diverse applications.


We consider it essential that our activities are carried out according to the principles and values of legality, integrity, transparency and ethics.

Therefore, we are committed to spreading and sharing these principles and values, so that they can guide the behavior of employees, collaborators and all those who interact with us.

The promotion objective is achieved through the preparation of a system of rules and internal controls aimed at preventing conduct and acts that are not consistent with the values and ethical principles expressed by the Lafert Group.