Driven by our values

At Lafert we have always reached our targets by following our distinct values: respecting each other, creating value through innovation and contributing to the well-being of society through our endeavors. 

Our constant commitment to respect these values has allowed us to develop a strong corporate identity that is based on quality and recognized by all employees and also by national and international partners.

Continuous growth

Solidity built in sixty years

Our annual turnover is split by 50% asynchronous motors, 20% synchronous motors and 30% brushless servo motors and drives. The main sales areas are Europe (mainly Italy and Germany), North America and APAC. The main application sectors where our motors are particularly valuable are HVAC/R, industrial machinery, air processing, wind energy, robotics, material handling but also systems integrators and distributors. Some of these sectors are showing a strong sensitivity to greater energy efficiency and integrated systems as they align with Industry 4.0.

Lafert Group, with almost 1000 employees, has doubled its headcount in 10 years
with an increase of 190 new hires between 2020 and 2021. Thanks to them we produce over one million electric motors every year divided between servo motors, synchronous and asynchronous motors.

Our sales - 2020

Lafert's financial solidity was built on a model of organization, management and control that complies with international standards.

A rigorous and timely monthly report evaluates the efficiency of any company department and adopts the necessary measures to guarantee high quality standards and the best time to market. 

Being part of Sumitomo allows us to be an international group with management that respects monthly business audits aimed at ensuring financial stability. This makes us a solid and secure partner for our customers.

The numbers of the group - 2020

Investing in the future

Investment is an important part of our financial policy, which has seen a 50% increase under the Sumitomo guidance in the last four years. The international evolution of Lafert is based on this, and it is essential to direct our attention to innovation and customization. The major investments are in R&D and Engineering departments where more than 90 engineers work to bring the quality of Lafert motors to all applications.

Another relevant part of our investments lies in the modernization of facilities and production plants with an Industry 4.0 perspective. We work to be a company that leads by example because digitalizing and automating production while focusing on environmental quality at Lafert means contributing to a more efficient, clean, and sustainable world.


Certification ISO 14001

The latest news at Lafert is the achievement of the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 that certifies the adequacy of our management system for controlling the environmental impact of our activities and defining objectives and responsibilities. This certification demonstrates that the certified organization has an adequate management system, and systematically seeks improvement in a coherent, effective and above all, sustainable way.


Among the values that guide the evolution of Lafert Group, environmental commitment plays a fundamental role, and it translates into the development of cutting-edge products with low consumption, the protection of our employees by creating healthy work environments and the sustainable management of our plants.

Certification ISO 45001

This is the global international standard for occupational health and safety, created to protect employees and visitors from accidents and illnesses in the workplace. The certification ISO 45001 has been achieved by eliminating the factors that can cause potential injury or illness.


ISO 45001 certifies that our company is able to guarantee a healthy and safe working environment for its employees and all those who visit the workplace.


We are an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certified group, the Customs Code that verifies exporters as reliable and safe in the supply chain by testing their compliance with customs regulations and ensuring the effective management of commercial and transportation records (documents). 

AEO attests Lafert's reliability towards the market by ensuring high standards of quality, process safety and financial solvency. Consequently, the advantages we offer our customers are: customs simplifications, priority treatment, and reduction of controls, shipping times and costs.

Approved Exporter 

The Approved Exporter (AE) authorization guarantees the origin of our exported products. This simplifies export formalities by ensuring the provenance of products and issuing a certification that confirms their origin. This makes it possible to facilitate free trade agreements by reducing bureaucracy and export times.

It means benefiting from a preferential duty rate regime and being a reliable trading partner. As an authorized exporter, Lafert offers significant commercial facilities to its non-EU customers, including reducing the payment of customs duties, simplifying the necessary documentation, and speeding up customs operations.

ISO 9001:2015 certification

ISO 9001 certification defines the requirements for a quality business management system according to international standards. It measures Lafert's ability to develop, implement and monitor strategic planning and is a valid methodological support to the company's governance process. It is a guarantee of the credibility and reliability of the group that has proven to be able to manage managerial and production processes in a structured way.

UL – Client Test Data Program

The independent safety certification organization Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) certifies that our products have exceeded the quality standards and compliance with U.S. and Canadian safety standards. In particular, the UL Client Test Data Program certifies the compliance of the Lafert internal laboratory where we test motors and prototypes.

It guarantees process quality and testing methods, compliance of results with standards, level of staff preparation and adequacy of materials used for analysis. Each motor tested and approved within it complies with UL standards.

CRIBIS Prime Company

CRIBIS Prime Company certification is issued by CRIBIS, a company specializing in the provision of business relations. It attests to the high-degree of financial reliability of our group from a commercial point of view. It ensures that there are no outstanding suppliers' invoices within 12 months of their issue. To assign this certification, the following parameters must be evaluated with a positive result: balance sheet indices, injurious information, payment experiences and personal, legal and geographical data of the company.


We are European leaders in the designing and manufacturing of customized electric motors and drives, used primarily in the fields of industrial automation, energy saving and renewable energy.

Lafert Group demonstrates evolving innovation through our technological skills, integrated and automated industrial processes, highly motivated workforce, and by always being ready to face new challenges.

This has led us to continuously develop innovative products, such as permanent magnet motors with IE4 and IE5 energy efficiency. This evolution does not stop, it continues to grow towards "endless integrated solutionsfor the most diverse applications.


Innovation is part of us and fosters continuous growth to achieve our main goal: responding to the needs of modern industry with flexible integrated solutions while anticipating future needs of the market.

We are driven to create top quality, cutting-edge motors that are increasingly efficient in performance and design, while paying close attention to environmental considerations. We have always been committed to supplying technological innovation for advanced system applications. We combine the highest standard of industrial processes and excellent production capacities with our core value: people at the centre.