Organization, Management and Control Model ex. Legislative Decree 231/01

Lafert considers a priority to act in accordance with the law and the shared principles of legality, for this reason the Board of Directors of Lafert S.p.A. has approved the Organization, Management and Control Model of Lafert S.p.A. pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. This document is aimed at preventing conduct that may constitute the offences provided for by Legislative Decree 231/01 and in general unlawful acts that may damage the image and reputation of the company.

In order to ensure the effective implementation of Model 231, Lafert's Board of Directors has appointed the Supervisory Body, an autonomous and independent body, which has the task of supervising the effectiveness and adequacy of the Model.

The Model, consisting of a General Part and a Special Part, defines the principles, rules and the system of preventive controls that the Company has implemented for the purpose of preventing relevant crimes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. Following a self-risk assessment, Lafert S.p.A. identified the applicable 231 crimes, identified the sensitive areas and corporate activities through which the crimes could be committed, and finally built a system of controls (procedures, policies, manuals, operating instructions, etc.) aimed at preventing the commission of such crimes.

The effective implementation and application of the Model is also guaranteed through specific training for all Lafert S.p.A. employees.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

An integral part of the system of rules and the Organizational, Management and Control Model is the Code of Ethics and Conduct, which defines the principles in which the Lafert Group believes, as well as describes the values that inspire it on a daily basis in carrying out its activities.

Through the Code of Ethics and Conduct, Lafert promotes values that inspire ethical, honest, transparent, upright and inclusive conduct, to be applied in relation to all areas of operation and considering the various aspects of the context in which Lafert operates:

  • Honest, transparent and fair business relations
  • Enhancement and protection of human resources
  • Safe, innovative and sustainable products
  • Protection and safeguarding of the company's assets and those of third parties
  • Transparent communication
  • Enhancement of the territory and local communities


In addition, with the aim of ensuring a safe working environment, where anyone can grow and feel protected and valued, Lafert has integrated the Code of Ethics and Conduct with issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion, committing itself to fighting all types of discrimination.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct can be considered a practical guide containing general principles and aimed at guiding and directing the behavior of all our stakeholders, employees, collaborators, directors and anyone third part who interacts with us. For this reason, it has been drafted in the various languages in which Lafert operates.

Download the Code of Ethics and Conduct in another language here:

Sustainability Report

For 60 years we have been following an industrial development model based on the principles of sustainability, transparency, inclusion and quality. We want to contribute to creating a sustainable and inclusive environment for all, both socially and economically, collaborating through the development of cutting-edge systems and technologies to safeguard the planet for future generations.

From 2021 we have been preparing the Lafert Group Sustainability Report  on a voluntary basis to demonstrate the importance of social and environmental sustainability within our Group. This choice is an important opportunity to define not only the economic, social and environmental results achieved, but also to highlight the medium-long term strategic lines by identifying excellence and areas for improvement, inspired by the model of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN 2030 Agenda.

The objectives we have set ourselves are developed in the fields of People, Planet and Prosperity to give substance to economic, social and environmental sustainability at a global level.

We want to guarantee sustainable production and consumption models that allow us to achieve prosperity, social inclusiveness and the dignity of employment for all while maintaining a high focus on environmental impact, water management and energy efficiency.

Sustainability Report 2021

download here

Sustainability Report 2022

download here

Whistleblowing Management System


Lafert S.p.A. supports and encourages, in order to protect the values of conduct, integrity and ethical behavior expressed in its Code of Ethics and Conduct, anyone who intends to report potential misconduct or alleged violation of the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, in the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, in the Diversity Policy,  fairness and inclusion, in the policies and procedures of Lafert S.p.A. and, more generally, of any other potential violation of laws and regulations.

The aim is to involve all employees and collaborators of Lafert S.p.A., such as customers, suppliers, business partners, and, more generally, anyone who has an interest relationship with Lafert S.p.A., in an activity to combat illegal and unethical conduct, through active and responsible participation.

In order for reports to be made by anyone with complete peace of mind, an internal digital reporting system, Whistlelink, has been implemented, which guarantees high standards of safety and protection, allowing violations to be reported easily and anonymously.

The platform has been implemented not only to comply with national and European legislation, in particular Legislative Decree No. 24 of 10 March 2023, implementing European Directive 2019/1937, but to promote a corporate culture based on transparency and trust and create a safe, fair and open work environment, contributing to the success of Lafert S.p.A.

You can access the digital whistleblowing system at any time via the link here:

To make a report, click "Submit Report Here" and fill out the report form as much detail as possible. It is not mandatory to provide personal information and anonymity will be maintained for the duration of the reporting process. Once the report has been submitted, the platform will issue you with the case identification code and the verification code to confirm that the report has been submitted. This code, known only to you, for reasons of confidentiality, cannot be recovered in any way in case of loss, so make sure you keep it accurately. This code will allow you to access, at any time, the "follow your case" section, through which it will be possible to complete the report with further information or view the status of the report.

For more details on the whistleblowing process and the processing of personal data, please refer to: "Whistleblowing Policy, guidelines for reporting misconduct and/or suspected unlawful acts" and the Privacy Policy.


In compliance with the new Slovenian Legislation Act on the Protection of Applicants (ZZPri) and in order to guarantee the values of ethics, integrity and legality of Lafert's Code of Ethics, Lafert Elektromotorji D.o.o. has implemented an internal system for managing reports of potential misconduct and/or suspected unlawful acts.


Reports can be sent through the channels managed by the "trustee", an autonomous and independent body that will take measures to ensure confidentiality regarding the identity of the subjects involved in the report, with particular reference to the whistleblower. The channels through which it is possible to report are the following:

  • Email inbox: or
  • Postal address: Attorney Maja Krašovec Orel, Bevkov trg 6, 5000 Nova Gorica
  • In person at the trustee at Bevkov trg 6, 5000 Nova Gorica by appointment by telephone 04


For more details on how to manage reports as well as information on the processing of personal data carried out in relation to the whistleblowing process, please consult the "Whistleblowing Policy" procedure and the Privacy Policy.