WindEnergy Hamburg is the international meeting place of the wind industry

24/09/2024 - 27/09/2024 | FAIRS
WindEnergy Hamburg is the world’s biggest and most important business platform of the wind energy sector. This is where industry stakeholders exchange news and views, build their networks, close major deals, and collaborate with national and international wind industry associations. Complete with a first-rate conference programme and numerous networking events, WindEnergy Hamburg is the international meeting place of the wind industry.


The Lafert motor range includes reliable and robust AC and PM motors designed specifically for Wind Industry applications with an efficiency level depending on specification: IE2-IE3-IE4-IE5; single speed and two speed AC motors or dedicated multispeed PM motors controlled by a frequency converter; mechanical and electrical adaptations to specific application; mechanical components and paint systems delivering high corrosion protection for offshore environment.

Lafert focuses on many motor applications within the Wind Idustry: Yaw and Pitch drive, oil hydraulic, pump, ventilation and service or person lift.

In particular, at our booth you will find:


HPS, the range of permanent magnets motors achieving up to IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency, combining the electrical design of brushless servomotors with the mechanical design of asynchronous motors, so granting significant dimension and weight reductions up to 50%.

Ultra Compact, the brushless servomotor range offering increased power density up to 30% and reduced dimensions up to 20% on the same motor dimension. Five different flange sizes are personalised with different options: shaft exit, transducer, connection, brake and cooling.

Premium Efficiency IE3 Motors at 50Hz, that satisfies the requirements of the European Ecodesign Directive and in addition the range of Nema Premium Efficiency Motors at 60Hz verified by the Department of Energy of the USA.


In addition Lafert can offer, where there is a strong focus on efficiency and weight, IE4 PM motor technology, in general PM motors are half the weight of AC motors of a similar power/size.