Sustainability Report - Lafert Group 2021

We measure our impact on the environment, on people, and on the communities and territory in which we operate to set new concrete goals.

30/09/2022 | COMPANY
In 2015, 193 UN member countries signed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Among the challenges that the international community has set for itself, many are linked to current production models, the reduction of emissions and the maximization of energy savings: this is what has pushed us to act with purpose and hold ourselves accountable.

We have always followed an industrial development model that embraces the principles of sustainability, transparency, and quality. We have done this through concrete commitments and adopting specific management and organizational structures with the aim of creating shared value for our stakeholders, people, community, and territory, all while respecting the environment.

We want to continue to contribute to the protection of the planet for future generations by developing cutting-edge systems and technologies.

The first voluntary Sustainability Report.
We want to accept the responsibility we feel towards promoting sustainability, the well-being of society and the protection of the environment in which we live and work.

The first Sustainability Report from the Lafert Group was prepared on a completely voluntary basis to demonstrate the importance of social and environmental sustainability within our Group. This choice is part of a well-defined path and is an important opportunity to define and represent the economic, social and environmental results achieved, but also to highlight the medium-long term strategic goals. It also allows us to give a precise status assessment of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals defined by the 2030 Agenda) within our companies and to identify the areas for improvement to better define the short-medium term action plans. Designing and implementing a sustainable development policy is fundamental for the achievement of the SDGs which are supported by concrete projects and initiatives.

“We are aware that our growth must also be sustainable and cannot disregard the adoption of solutions that are capable of increasing the well-being of the society we live in. At Lafert Group, all this is made possible by innovation, the heart of what we are about! Thanks to this awareness, we have strengthened our investment in research and development, despite a critical and uncertain macroeconomic trend. This has made it possible for us to develop new projects and new patents in order to offer high performance solutions that also feature extremely high energy efficiency, contributing to at least 4% CO2 reduction per year through the sale of IE4 and IE5 motors to our customers. All this confirms our sensibility to the environmental, quality and safety impacts by which our products have always stood out.” – Shaun Dean, CEO Lafert Group.

Our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
In line with the sustainability path undertaken starting this year, we have progressively integrated the Sustainable Development Goals as part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda to challenge ourselves with objective targets and measurements. In recent months we have carried out a first analysis of the consistency of our business model with respect to the SDGs.

In order to assess the sustainable development of the company with respect to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we measured ourselves with the SDGs Action Manager tool. Thanks to the results obtained, the document has provided us with the basis to start working on the construction of a sustainability plan that will allow us to achieve constant improvement. The Sustainability Report also made it possible to highlight the SDGs considered as priorities, on which we are as a company able to make a significant contribution and in which we want to continue to place our commitment.

The role of innovation to build a more sustainable future.
Almost half of global electricity consumption is used by electric motors and about 70% of the energy consumed by industries is absorbed, once again, by electric motors that are essential for the operation of the machines in which our economies and our society are based: carefully choosing the motors that are purchased is fundamental in reducing energy consumption levels and moving towards a zero-impact future.

For us, innovation is the core in which ideas, projects, products and development processes revolve. Innovation is powered by research that promotes the development of ideas and the sharing of knowledge, in support of different market sectors.

We want to promote sustainable and inclusive development by putting innovation at the service of people, businesses, communities and the territories in which we live, all while respecting the environment.