Lafert has earned the Ecol Design Award 2022

A year together with Recycla, a year of meticulous commitment, a first great result

20/12/2022 | COMPANY

A year together with Recycla, a year of meticulous commitment, a first great result

Ecol Design Award 2022 is a recognition of Recycla created to reward the most virtuous companies that have committed themselves to the sustainability of their work and their facilities by adopting all possible measures to improve their environmental impact.

"For us, having chosen Recycla for waste collection and disposal not only concretizes the company's desire to work in full compliance with current environmental legislation, but also shows that we have taken the path of sustainability to conduct our industrial activity with the least possible impact on the environment and people" – Paolo Francescato – H&S Manager.
The award is testament to the continued perseverance in working together with Recycla to create an environmentally sustainable path through proper waste management.

For us, sustainability is a concrete value

The award takes into account the commitment and results achieved by our company, evaluating its performance through measurable indicators chosen as critical factors to judge the effectiveness in achieving the objectives set by each company that collaborates with Recycla.

In particular, in 2022 at Lafert S.p.A. we achieved excellent results in the following five KPIs:


  • Reduced waste generation: 445 kg
    In 2022, Lafert delivered its production waste to Recycla, 445 kg of packaging and containers, which instead of being destroyed together with the waste contained were recovered for reuse.
  • Litres of water preserved: 7,726
    l Recycla minimizes the contamination of rainwater that comes into contact with the packaging, preventing it from harming the environment. Thanks to the use of waste containers equipped with suitable covers and a safe management system, 7,726 liters of rainwater were preserved in 2022, avoiding its transformation into waste or soil run-off caused by potential contact with the waste handled.
  • Unproduced CO2: 24 kg
    Thanks to the optimization of the journeys necessary for the removal of waste and the maximization of the filling of loads through the supply of suitable packaging, we have also reduced the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Recycled material: 75%
    Recycla sends 75% of the total waste delivered in 2022 to recycling, reuse or recovery operations.
  • Fossil fuel saved: 592 kg
    Recycla uses different types of industrial waste for the production of raw material used in the creation of fuel used for the majority in the northern European cement industry. We have reduced the extraction of fossil fuels, such as methane and coal, thanks to the reuse process of production waste implemented by Recycla. The Lafert waste involved in this process are: oily emulsions, oils and spent solvents. With this method we use the raw material generated by the treatment of waste to produce combustible material while preserving natural resources.


For us, sustainability is a daily commitment

Our goal is to continue to improve the awareness of our colleagues, customers and suppliers on the importance of reducing the environmental impact produced by our waste. We want to build an increasingly rooted recycling culture through dedicated actions and timely sharing of information.

We want to continue to take the next steps on this path by implementing ecological choices in everyday life. A new project under development concerns the redevelopment of the Refreshment Areas, promoting the consumption of products with completely recyclable packaging and the distribution of beverages using a personal container.