Industrial Automation is the key word of May's fairs: Hispack and SPS Italia

We have developed high-performance solutions for robotics and material handling but also for industrial processing machinery.

16/04/2024 | FAIRS
Industrial Automation is an increasingly sophisticated and complex market that requires answers the daily challenges required by modern industry.

You will find us at two trade fairs in May, both dedicated to industrial automation: Hispack and SPS Italia. Mechanical processing, packaging and material handling are just some of the sectors in which Lafert motors and solutions can make a difference.

In fact, we have developed high-performance solutions for robotics and material handling but also for industrial processing machinery with the need for motors capable of guaranteeing high speed, precision and control. The technological capabilities of our company and the know-how acquired over the decades have allowed us to create packages including motor and drive that allow you to make the most of the performance of the motor and to optimize energy efficiency.

We provide integrated product ranges and packages that combine the robustness of our motors with the most advanced technologies in control electronics.

HISPACK - BARCELONA, SPAIN (07 – 10 May 2024)
The most important meeting point for the packaging sector in Spain.

For four days, thousands of professionals and exhibitors from the world of packaging meet at Hispack. In addition to materials and solutions applicable to packaging and logistics, Hispack offers solutions for the handling, transport and storage of packaging, fully responding to the goods management needs of different logistics operators.

It is an unmissable opportunity to discover trends and solutions that mark the course of the sector. In a single booth with Sumitomo Cyclo Germany, we will present our solutions creating new partnership opportunities and promoting our know-how and product innovation.


SPS ITALIA - PARMA, ITALY (28 – 30 May 2024)

SPS Italia is the annual event to learn about new trends and discuss the most challenging issues in the industrial automation sector: from electrical components to complete systems, including integrated automation solutions and applications. Founded in 2011 by its German sister SPS Nuremberg, the event has grown year after year, establishing itself as a reference point for the Italian industry.

Lafert will exhibit in a booth shared with Sumitomo Cyclo Germany the solutions developed in recent years dedicated to Industrial Automation.


Lafert's most innovative solutions to be discovered during these fairs will be:
  • Smartris, the new integrated solution complete with gear, servo motor and drive in one package for AGV systems. Our solution is among the most compact on the market thanks to the integrated gear and includes the wheel so optimizing performances. Among new proposals, the Smartris Compact Drive that with four times reduced volumes but optimized performance, maintains the same functionality as always, with the advantage of being an ultra-space-saving plug & play solution.
  • Ultra Compact, the brushless servomotor range offering increased power density up to 30% and reduced dimensions up to 20% on the same motor dimension. Five different flange sizes are personalised with different options: shaft exit, transducer, connection, brake and cooling. 
  • HP Combi, a special package that combines a permanent magnet synchronous motor with its matched variable frequency drive. The Combi package combines the IE5 Ultra-Premium efficiency of our permanent magnet synchronous motors with our variable frequency drive (VFD) achieving the highest energy efficiency standards. Three configurations of the motor-drive package – Smart, Flow and Plus – allow it to meet the needs of both variable and constant torque applications. 
  • HP Integral, an advanced generation of packages that integrate in an extremely compact and unique design a permanent magnet synchronous motor with its matched variable frequency drive. Motor IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency, drive IE2 High Efficiency, reduced dimensions and e smart control. Available in the same three configurations of the motor-drive package HP Combi - Smart, Flow and Plus - allows it to cover a wide range of both variable and constant torque applications.
  • Premium Efficiency IE3 Motors and Super Premium Efficiency IE4 Motors, that satisfies the requirements of the European Ecodesign Directive and in addition the range of Nema Premium Efficiency Motors at 60Hz verified by the Department of Energy of the USA.