Lafert at SPS Nuremberg

We will be together with the whole Sumitomo EMEIA team for the first time

10/10/2022 | FAIRS
SPS in Nuremberg is the leading European and world trade fair for the industrial automation sector where the most important topics for this year will be Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Connectivity.

"The growing robotics and Cobot market increasingly needs speed, control and precise movements. We will present our product portfolio paying particular attention to new solutions dedicated to industrial automation such as the Ultra Compact Series, brushless servomotors able to offer a higher torque density in more compact volumes. Most of our newly developed solutions demonstrate the synergic work and collaboration between Sumitomo companies in Europe." - Chritof Franke, Germany Country Manager.

For the first time we will participate in SPS Nuremberg with a stand fully shared by the EMEIA Sumitomo Drive Technologies team with the joint presence of Lafert Group, SCG Group and Invertek Drives. It will be a great opportunity for the PTC EMEIA division to show us to the market as a single team under the "Shaping the Future Together" pay-off. We will strengthen our presence as a single company with a space dedicated only to the specific products of the three companies and to the solutions developed in synergy, and an additional space dedicated to meetings and networking.

We also want to present ourselves to current and potential customers and stakeholders in the industrial automation sector as suppliers of complete solutions, integrated products, while preserving the values recognized to our individual brands, the control of the markets and the historical know-how of Lafert on applications.

Lafert presents absolute product news!

  • HP Combi, a special package that combines the permanent magnet synchronous motor and variable frequency drive. The Combi package combines the very high IE5 efficiency of our permanent magnet synchronous motors with our variable frequency drive (VFD) achieving the highest energy efficiency standards. Three configurations of the motor-drive package – Smart, Flow and Plus – allow to meet the needs of both variable and constant torque applications.
  • HPI 2.0, the 2nd generation of the Integral Drive range that integrates the permanent magnet synchronous motor and the variable frequency drive in an extremely compact and unique design. IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency motor, IE2 High Efficiency drive, compact size and smart control.
    Available in the same three configurations as the HP Combi motor-drive package, namely Smart, Flow and Plus, it allows you to cover a wide range of applications both variable torque and constant torque.
  • Ultra Compact, the range of brushless servomotors that offers an increase in torque density of up to 30% for the same motor size and reduced size up to 20%. Five different flange panels can be customized with a wide range of solutions: axle output, transducer, connection, brake and cooling.
  • Smartris, the new integrated solution complete with gearbox, servo motor and drive for AGV systems. Developed for various types of automated guided vehicles it is able to offer high performance, maximum precision and reliability of the integrated package. Our solution is among the most compact on the market thanks to the integrated gearbox, facilitating the achievement of the lowest platforms and the optimization of space inside the AGV.

On display the entire lafert product portfolio: standard and special asynchronous motors, brushless servomotors, permanent magnet synchronous motors.


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