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SPS Nuremberg brings together all the companies in the automation & smart technology sector, covering the wide field of intelligent and digital automation

18/10/2023 | FAIRS

SPS Nuremberg brings together all the companies in the automation & smart technology sector, covering the wide field of intelligent and digital automation, towards the vision of a fully digitalized industrial world. Every year, the focus is on practical, cutting-edge solutions that respond to the current needs of the market and the automation challenges of tomorrow.
Despite the difficulties related to the latest global economic events, the industrial automation market has confirmed a steady growth in the past year and the trend is expected to continue in the years to come.
"Lafert, thanks to an in-depth analysis of the current and future scenario of the sector, has been able to respond to the demands of specific market segments involved in industrial automation thanks to the development of technologically advanced products" Davide Bravin, Sales & Marketing Director. This is confirmed by the positive trend that Lafert has recorded in the last years, with a growth forecast also in 2024.

"We will present our innovative solutions designed to simplify, automate and optimize production processes. We will be showcasing all our state-of-the-art products, designed to best suit our customers' applications" – concludes Bravin.

A single shared stand Sumitomo

Also this year we will participate in the fair with a stand completely shared with the team of companies in EMEIA: Lafert Group, SCG Group and Invertek Drives. Together we will present to visitors and stakeholders in the sector our motor-drive packages and integrated solutions, created in synergy with the companies of the Sumitomo Drive Technologies group.

We will present our entire product portfolio, in particular the integrated and control solutions dedicated to industrial automation: brushless servomotors designed for industry 4.0 with all the state-of-the-art safety and connectivity features coupled with precision gearboxes and plug & play drives for easy installation.

Among these, the Smartris stands out, the package consisting of motor, gearbox and drive that we now also offer including a wheel.

Smartris, an exclusive package for AGV manufacturers

After the recent launch of the Smartris Compact drive series capable of offering the same performance as the previous series but in drastically reduced size, the Smartris package is now even more exclusive, including the wheel in its standard configuration.

This choice responds to the market trend, which is increasingly oriented towards complete, pre-configured solutions ready for installation in the machine.

Preferred servo motors for maximum flexibility in responsiveness to the market

Also in this direction, there is the range of Preferred servo motors that we will present to visitors at SPS Nuremberg, a wide selection of predefined and preferential configurations on six motor sizes which, if on the one hand standardize our offer, on the other hand offer great support to the customer in the selection of the right product and guarantee delivery times at the minimum terms.

Pad Mounting design for axial fans

Our attitude for maximum flexibility in responding to the market can also be found in the brand new range of Pad Mounting motors, designed to minimize the impact on airflow in the axial fans, thus maximizing the performance of the system.

Born from the desire to meet the application needs of axial fans, they are PM asynchronous or synchronous motors with a compact design, designed to adapt to the needs of the application and the shape of the fan, thanks to the mounting without protruding elements to avoid any obstruction on the air flow.

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