New range of Pad Mounting motors

The new range combines the proven robustness of Lafert's asynchronous motors with new permanent-magnet technologies to reduce power consumption in a compact design

18/10/2023 | PRODUCTS
Born from the desire to meet the application needs of axial fans, the new pad mounting range combines the consolidated robustness of Lafert's asynchronous motors with new permanent magnet technologies that reduce power consumption in a compact design with no protruding elements.

By minimizing the impact on airflow and the TEAO design - without ventilation, we make the system more efficient and high performance.

Our pad mounting range

Perfect where mounting is needed for motors with small dimensions and no protruding elements, our range allows minimizing the impact on airflow. The mounting design uses four special feet fixed at 90° to the motor body, eliminating possible air obstruction and ensuring reduced energy consumption.

We have developed a range of pad mount feet on IEC mechanics, from size 80 to 160, to meet all application needs. We can offer in this special mounting configuration both our asynchronous motors in efficiency class IE1, IE2 and IE3 and permanent magnet synchronous motors with efficiency IE4 and IE5.

Thanks to the on-demand anti-corrosion treatment to achieve the high level of protection in accordance with ISO 12944, our motors are also perfectly suitable for aggressive environments.

The advantages: maximum efficiency and adaptability

Optimal operation over a wide temperature range and the robustness that distinguishes our motors make ours a special solution. Designed for both commercial and industrial environments and available with multiple customizations, the pad mounting range can be increasingly integrated with the final application.

Thanks to the different sizes/powers and technologies we offer, our motor adapts to the shape of the application without the need for further modification. In fact, it allows customers to upgrade to a higher efficiency solution without having to redesign their fan, simply by replacing the asynchronous motor with a higher energy efficiency permanent magnet solution.

In addition, thanks to the flat lid, our new ultra-compact terminal box design, the overall footprint of the motor is further reduced as well as airflow obstruction.

The water slinger option, a gasket with special conformation, manages to block any water splashes by repelling them outward, thus eliminating any possible infiltration.

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