Meeting the students

We want to be part of the growth path of the young people of our territory

30/05/2023 | TERRITORY
We want to be part of the growth path of the young people of our territory

Between March, April and May we participated in some face-to-face events and online initiatives aimed at bringing together students and companies to help young people in their choices for the future but also to allow companies to get in touch with young people telling stories, values and skills.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility includes a concrete commitment to schools and universities by actively participating in meetings and activities dedicated to orientation. In fact, young people are for us the look to the future, and we want to involve them to support their growth, stimulate the acquisition of transversal skills and understand their expectations from the world of work.

This is why we have decided to enrich our calendar of events dedicated to academic environments to meet the students by telling about our company, presenting our work and illustrating the innovation that makes our products the beating heart of electrification.

Career day di Unife

On May 4th we participated in the Career day at the Unife Scientific and Technological pole in Ferrara aimed at all students and recent graduates of different faculties, from economics to engineering to environmental sciences. With our workstation we had the opportunity to transmit our values and our Brand Identity, leave information to the students and collect CVs and applications. By exhibiting one of our most innovative motors, the HP Integral, we also gave students a concrete idea of our work and the quality of our products.

At the event we were represented by three women: two from our HR team and an engineer from our Bologna office, graduated in Ferrara, who supported the HR staff with her more technical point of view. It was an opportunity to discuss with students, deepen their expectations and make them understand the job opportunities that our group offers today.

Several opportunities to meet young students

We participated in two events organized by Confindustria and the University of Padua, respectively on March 23rd, dedicated to students of mechanical engineering and chemical of materials, and on March 30th with students looking for internships in Information Technology. Among the young people there are those who have observed and listened, fascinated by our world, and those who have sought a comparison and new ideas that could help clarify ideas about their work aspirations and the future.

Finally, on April 29th we participated in the meeting between companies and students organized by the Volterra Technical Institute: "Companies meet students". An event aimed at collecting opinions, points of view and needs to organize PTSG activities (Transversal Paths for Skills and Guidance) dedicated to children.

In addition, in collaboration with the head teacher and involving our technical and R&D departments, we are working on the development of projects that see Lafert and the students engaged for several years in order to give them greater continuity in the training path and greater support also in the choice of the future professional path.