Synchronous PM Motors - IE4/IE5


  • More than 50 % energy saving
  • Zone Control - excellent conditioning and maintaining of a consistent temperature
  • Integrated and compact solution without gear

Big Fan Range for large area ventilation systems

Ventilation systems can be designed in many different ways to produce an effective and efficient system. For use in those buildings that have spacious halls or rooms, a new economical way is available to secure an even temperature distribution and correct cooling. A new concept is to use low speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors running fans with big diameters (up to 7 m) and reduce energy consumption.

The innovative low speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors, specifically designed for HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans with big diameters are offered under the name IFM, Integrated Direct Drive Fan Motor. The fan speed can be controlled by a built in drive and because the system is completely gearless, efficiency is increased and maintenance significantly reduced. Low speed Big Fans offer the advantage of moving a significant amount of air at a low air speed whilst consuming less energy compared to traditional ventilation systems. In many cases more than 50 % energy saving is expected. It also offer the advantage of very low noise levels and improve the environment, making conditions cooler and more comfortable.

It has been proven that air speed >3 m/s offers insignificant added cooling. There by the most economical solution to distribute the temperature and secure cooling is to install low speed BIG FAN with air speed <3m/s. From agriculture to the industrial sector, the Big Fan Range is versatile and is ideal for large enclosed areas such as gyms, stables, shopping malls or warehouses.



Power Supply: Three-phase 400-8480V 50/60Hz

Control: Sensorless PM

Network filter: EMC filter, Harmonic filter (both built in)

Speed/Position Control:
External Analogic Signal 0-10Vdc (Connector COM, V1)
External Pot (V+, V1, COM)
Serial (Terminal S-, S+, Protocol MOD-BUS)

Temperature Sensor Integrated: Optional

Drive IP Rating: IP67

Drive Mounting: Integrated in the NDE side

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