Package Drive Solution for AGV


  • Complete Package Solution: Gear + Servo Motor + Drive + Wheel
  • High integration of all components: Compact Solution
  • Gear Output Shaft Rotation Design
  • Ideal for light playloads and high speed AGV

Smartris is the New Complete Package Solution including Gear, Servo Motor and Drive for AGV systems, and combines the extensive technological competences of two companies.


Lafert customized solutions for Electric Motors & Drives meet Sumitomo expertise in Gears and Gearboxes. Both brands have strong reputation respectively in the motor and gear market and also in the AGV sector, and with this New Integrated Package they are offering very competitive advantages and benefits.


Smartris is a Smart Wheel Drive Solution for AGV consisting of Gear, Servo Motor, Drive & Wheel. Developed for various types of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) to deliver highest performance, maximum precision and reliability of integrated components.


Integration into AGV needs to be as space-saving as possible. Decisive is the dimension of relevant components. Our solutions are among the shortest on the market because the gear is in-wheel. This means easier contribution to lower floors and effective use of space inside AGV.


Depending on product lines, the AGV can carry a wide range of payloads. Radial load from 1.500N to 16.000N per driven wheel. Up to 2m/s and 1,0m/s² acceleration. Rated output torques up to 110Nm. Max acceleration torque > 390Nm.

Due to innovative Cyclo principle, highest shock load capacity can be provided.


Maximum precision and reliability of Motor and Gear. Precision control by Servo Motor & Drive is possible. Energy efficient, dynamic, agile and reliable. 

Safely runs with Cyclo principle and high overload capability. Leak tight design for environmental safety. Certified STO (Safe Torque Off) function included.


Target Applications:  Unit Load Carrier, Tow Vehicles, Assembly Line Truck.