Gearless Machines for Elevators


  • A well proven product, popular choise amongst mainstream elevator company
  • Advanced motor technology, reduced size developed specifically for home lift and M.R.L. solutions
  • Fractional slot concentrated winding synchronous permanent magnet machines
  • High-torque density, high efficiency and fault-tolerance performance

Higher & faster

Lafert’s gearless LIFT motor series has established the company internationally as one of leading manufacturer.
The motor’s innovative design, with its protected encoder and no external cabling, offers compactness and low weight, ideal for home lift systems or new concept M.R.L..


Its novel inner rotor and fractional slot gearless technology are of products of Lafert’s in-house design and manufacturing expertise. It provides the highest levels of performance and energy efficiency plus enhanced response to satisfy today’s needs and trends in the elevator market i.e. higher speed to greater heights.


- Full range and properly intercalated within the driving torque range 140 to 900Nm for payload 240 to 1600kg in roping 2:1;
and 320 to 800 kg in roping 1:1
- Energy and space savings'
- Highest level of safety, in accordance with UNI EN81-1:1998+A3:2009 and EN81-20/50 certified by TÜV SÜD
- Smooth and noiseless ride
- High torque reserve
- No oil (no risk of contamination or fire)


- Poles: series M/T 24 S/.../L = 24 poles; series T32 S/.../L/XL = 30 poles
- Windings designed for speeds from 0,5m/s to 2,5m/s
(other speeds available on request)
- Motors supplied with terminal board without outgoing cables
- Insulation class F - Service: S3 40%
- Winding thermal protection always present (3xPTC)
- Possible power supply with single-phase and three-phase drive
- Motor protection class: IP44 - TENV execution
- IP64 absolute and incremental encoders (Endat-sincos-HTL-TTL) in IP64, always inside the motor overall dimensions and with a protection cover against damages
- Encoders supplied with 5 m-long outgoing cable without connector
- Brakes according to UNI EN81-20/50 and certified as part of the protection system against uncontrolled upward movements of the cab
- Brakes certified for EN81-1:1998+A3:2009
- Traction sheaves LC in both hardened steel (HRC≥50) and spherulitic graphite cast iron to be processed according to customer specification


- NETEC Certification for the Chinese market (motors up to size T32L and payload 1275kg in roping 2:1, and 800kg in roping 1:1)
- Brakes with electric redundancy
- Brakes with cURus certification and in compliance with ASME A17 Safety Code for the North America
- Brakes with induction sensors, in order to guarantee maximum reliability even in very critical environments and for heavy lifting applications
- Brakes with release levers (even fitted with reduced overall dimensions)

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