Lafert has always considered quality to be central to everything it does: it represents the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy and part of the daily work ethic of each department.
Precisely for this reason, we strongly believe that "quality" is not only measured by the technical performance of the product but rather, the most honest way, by the responses of those who use our products – our customers!

Hence, we must evaluate our success based upon our recent achievements and the strength of our on-going relationships with our Partners.

the quality of a solid, safe, growing financial entity; a guarantee that is especially significant in these particularly difficult economic and market conditions;
the quality of a Partner that can be trusted, of a supplier that respects commitments and who accepts new challenges and meets them with perseverance and mutual satisfaction;
the quality of the true Made in Italy brand, of fully integrated production facilities with the ability to intervene on every aspect of production and to always be able to choose the most appropriate solution;
Style and elegance
the quality of perfect functionality of each component; care of every detail for overall improvement; of courageous and innovative choices that create new benchmarks.


the rigour with which we perform quality control throughout the production chain has held ISO 9001 certification since 1994; in addition, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and the Canadian Standard Association have certified that our products meet all the appropriate safety standards.

Our commitment to energy savings - to ensure clients’ products meet the highest efficiency standards in Europe, America and Australia - has been certified by the Department of Energy of the United States, the first country in the world that has dealt seriously with the energy issue.The U.S. market, the most demanding in the world, has said “YES” to Lafert motors. Our leadership in metric motors in the U.S. is the most convincing proof of their value and integrity.

Safety standards
UL Underwriters Laboratories Inc. CSA – Canadian Standard Association CQC – China Quality Certification Centre
Performance standards
Efficiency harmonised with the International Standard IEC 60034-30-1;2014:
  • Standard Efficiency IE1
  • High Efficiency IE2
  • Premium Efficiency IE3
  • Super Premium Efficiency IE4
Performance levels in accordance with the test method IEC 60034-2-1;2007.
High Efficiency Motors in accordance with EPAct.

Verified by UL Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
High Efficiency Motors in accordance with the EISA Directive.

Verified by UL Environment.
Motors certificed China Energy Label Grade 2