Brushless Servo Motors / Brushless Servo Motors and Torque Motors stampa

  • Performance = speed + accuracy + efficiency
  • Design and support to match your needs
  • Designed for compatibility with most drives for maximum flexibility

Precision is standard, only the motor is customized!
Manufacturing brushless motors with permanent magnet motors since the early 90s, Lafert offers extensive proven expertise in this continuously developing technology.


This know-how is combined with the company’s on-going drive for excellence and its ability to offer non-standard solutions, all of which is invested in this product range. On-going research and development, often in conjunction with customers, continues to bestow superior performance in terms of speed, accuracy and control to satisfy application needs.


To demonstrate its strong customisation capacity, Lafert has presented the new series of compact motors with dedicated mechanical components (40, 60, 80, 130 and 180 mm square flange) and special electrical designs (230V and 400V).

Standard specifications

- Torque range 0.20 Nm to 390 Nm; high speed up to 6000 rpm
- Superior performance, high torque accuracy
- High overload capability
- Compact design with high power density
- Wide range of transducers: resolver, incremental and absolute encoders
- Fan and water cooling options available for medium and large size motors
- IP65 protection; TENV construction
- All motors available with brake as an option
- Deep background to meet any special mechanical and electrical design
- Excellent flexibility to meet specific market demands










- cURus certification
- Special rotor balancing grade
- Special rotor inertia
- Customised flange and special shaft
- DE cooling (liquid coolant)
- Low voltage special winding
- 230V application
- One cable solution
- Safety application
- Water cooling (jacket) for medium and large size motors
- Fly-connectors for cabling
- Other (type of encoder and connector, brake, thermal sensor, ...

Typical applications

  • Textile Machines
  • Rubber & Plastic Machines
  • Packaging and Labeling Machines
  • Machines for Printing
  • Machine Tools
  • Conveyors
  • Robotics

Contact person

Stefano Dessanti

Sales Manager

BU - Industrial Automation