Torque Motors / Brushless Servo Motors and Torque Motors stampa

  • Performance = speed + accuracy + efficiency
  • Design and support to match your needs
  • Designed for compatibility with most drives for maximum flexibility

Precision is standard - only the motor is customized!
Manufacturing brushless motors with permanent magnet motors since the early 90s, Lafert offers extensive proven expertise in this continuously developing technology.


This know-how is combined with the company’s on-going drive for excellence and its ability to offer non-standard solutions, all of which is invested in this product range. On-going research and development, often in conjunction with customers, continues to bestow superior performance in terms of speed, accuracy and control to satisfy application needs.

Standard specifications

- Torque range 10 Nm to 500 Nm and rated speed up to 1000 rpm
- High torque at low speed; low noise level
- High overload capability
- Energy Efficient through the whole speed range
- Different coupling shaft available: standard key, blind hole, hollow shaft
- Water cooling options available for medium and large size motors
- Optimal for machines' strong integration












- cURus certification
- Customised flange and special shaft
- Other (type of encoder and connector, thermal sensor, ...)

Typical applications

  • Textile Machines
  • Rubber & Plastic Machines
  • Machines for Printing
  • Machine Tools
  • Robotics

Contact person

Stefano Dessanti

Sales Manager

BU - Industrial Automation