Lafert Motors

Lafert Motors is the driving force behind Lafert Group: it designs manufacturing processes, defines sales strategies and develops new product lines.
It produces High Efficiency Motors which are synchronous and asynchronous, three-phase, single-phase and brake, intended for different uses and applications.
It is strongly oriented towards Technical Innovation and product customisation.

Lafert Servo

Lafert Servo is a leader in the production of technically advanced, high-performance Customised Brushless Motors, targeted at Industrial Automation.
It is able to offer reliable, high quality products at competitive prices, thanks to in-house production of all the individual brushless motor components and full control of the production process.

Lafert Drives

Lafert Drives develops and produces Servo Drives to control brushless servomotors. It works closely with Lafert Servo, ensuring optimization of each application.
It is constantly researching solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client while also being eco-friendly with respect for the environment.

Icme Motors

Icme Motors produces High Efficiency Electric Motors and Customized Motors.
It is a flexible and dynamic company that can satisfy specific and diverse application needs with products featuring an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Lafert Suzhou

Lafert Suzhou, a manufacturing plant opened in 2012 in Suzhou, Shanghai produces Brushless Servo Motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors and Gearless Motors for lifts.
In response to the growing demands of the Chinese and Asian, Lafert has established a direct presence responds with a direct presence to serve those markets. This benefits long term partners as well as supporting rapidly developing local companies by ensuring reduced delivery times and transport costs combined with the guarantee of Lafert quality.


The Lafert and AEG partnership is aimed at the production of the range of asynchronous three-phase High Efficiency Motors.
The union of their reciprocal competences has allowed them to achieve the most advanced technology available on the High Performance and High Efficiency Electric Motors market.