We are European leaders in the designing and manufacturing of customized electric motors and drives, used primarily in the fields of industrial automation, energy saving and renewable energy.

Lafert Group demonstrates evolving innovation through our technological skills, integrated and automated industrial processes, highly motivated workforce, and by always being ready to face new challenges.

This has led us to continuously develop innovative products, such as permanent magnet motors with IE4 and IE5 energy efficiency. This evolution does not stop, it continues to grow towards "endless integrated solutionsfor the most diverse applications.

Lafert Group

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For sixty years, we at Lafert Group have been developing cutting-edge technologies for energy efficiency and industrial automation. We are leaders in Europe, and we put all our experience into building a more productive and sustainable future...

Vision & Mission

We face new challenges every day, but with a clear vision on how to constantly improve our production capabilities...
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Lafert in Sumitomo

Since 2018, we have been part of the large international industrial group, Sumitomo...
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Global Presence

We operate in thirteen locations in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, of which six...
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Our history is one with the proverbial characteristics of our land, Veneto. A region of hands and brains...
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Business Areas

High-performance and customized electric motors make reliability the core of Lafert products. Our...
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Group Companies

Each individual member of our group contributes to the success of the organization through their specialized...
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Management Team

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Innovation is part of us and fosters continuous growth to achieve our main goal: responding to the needs of modern industry with flexible integrated solutions while anticipating future needs of the market.

We are driven to create top quality, cutting-edge motors that are increasingly efficient in performance and design, while paying close attention to environmental considerations. We have always been committed to supplying technological innovation for advanced system applications. We combine the highest standard of industrial processes and excellent production capacities with our core value: people at the centre.

Research & Development

The internationalization process of Lafert Group has always relied on the design capacity of our technicians and engineers...
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Health & Safety Environment

Our products are the result of innovation that improves system efficiency which arises from the continuous search for maximum functionality with minimal environmental impact...
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The story of Lafert quality motors, recognized all over the world, begins in our factories. The technical department pairs their consolidated proficiency...
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For 60 years we have been following an industrial development model based on the principles of sustainability, transparency...

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We are aware that our voice in the world is not only impacted by what we do but also by how we do it. In our daily lives we know that the people...
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Local territory

We are born on the outskirts of Venice, in a land recognized all over the world for proactive spirit, tenacity and attention to quality. We are an active player in the growth of our local territory...
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In sixty years, we have built a company with a solid financial base that is committed to the constant search for quality. Lafert’s strengths are the variety of our product ranges, the infinite number of customized solutions and a consolidated presence in many international markets. 

Today we are part of Sumitomo Drive Technologies, the strategic division of the large international group, Sumitomo. Our management control policy includes monthly reports and rigorous verification models with an industrial control plan focused on optimizing production processes that make us a safe and reliable company.

Investments play a relevant role in our group and are mainly distributed between the Research and Development department and the modernization of production plants. This is where Lafert quality arises, as well as the innovation and customization of our motors that are designed to bring high performance and energy efficiency to every application.

Our numbers

At Lafert we have always reached our targets by following our distinct values: respecting each other, creating value through innovation...
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Quality and reliability

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