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We are a leading international company in electric motors designed to bring Lafert excellence to industrial automation and energy efficiency applications. We set your ideas in motion by combining our historical know-how with the spirit of co-design that distinguishes us.

Our high-performance, robust and efficient electric motors are designed to adapt to the most diverse applications. Together with our customers, we study the best solution for specific applications and design motors with all the customizations required to create highly innovative systems.


Welcome to the future of electric motors:
HP Combi, HPI, Ultra Compact Servomotors, Smartris
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We are aware that our voice in the world is not only impacted by what we do but also by how we do it. In our daily lives we know that the people who work at and believe in Lafert are what matters most.

Respect, diversity and the work of each person are the pillars on which our corporate spirit is based.

Our corporate philosophy is built on this set of values that is reflected in our daily life: the person at the center.


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People and their contributions are the key to our success and the quality of Lafert motors. We are a group continuously evolving thanks to our ability to involve competent and ambitious people and to encourage the growth of everyone through tailor-made training projects.

With enthusiasm and the constant desire to improve, we are an active part of creating products that can make the world more sustainable.

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