Lafert Academy: the complete training experience

Investing in training.

23/02/2022 | COMPANY
Investing in training.

2022 is an important year for us: the sixtieth anniversary of Lafert. It is a milestone that we have reached thanks to the continuous commitment from each one of us.

We know that training is essential to remain up-to-date and competitive in the international market, especially in a sector like ours where continuous technological innovation requires exceptionally high technical know-how. We strive to become an active part in the professional development of our employees through internal training programs, interactions with universities and projects that develop practical skills in higher technical institutes. With the lack of specialized technical skills in the industry, we strive to fill the talent gap with focused training and development.

Introducing the brand new Lafert Academy, which aims to offer a complete training experience, both theoretical and practical, to young candidates with the possibility of an immediate and direct insertion into the company. Our propensity for innovation does not end with the constant development of cutting-edge products, but also takes shape in the way we look to the future outside and inside the company to contribute to the development of our territory.

Technical and concrete learning.

Lafert Academy is a free training project, carried out in collaboration with Manpower, a company recognized in the territory for its structure, professionalism and competence which aims to provide young people with sector-specific skills to create specialized professional figures in the technical-productive field. Thanks to the active participation in the skills’ transfer, candidates will have the opportunity to learn from those who have been working in Lafert for several years.

After the lessons, the training will materialize into the opportunity for immediate insertion in the production plant in San Donà di Piave, to practice their acquired skills and learn the secrets behind the quality of Lafert products.

The person at the center.

People and their contributions are the key to our success and the quality of Lafert motors. We are an international Group in continuous evolution thanks to our ability to engage competent and ambitious people and to promote the growth of everyone through tailor-made training projects.

We are ambitious and continuously creating cutting-edge solutions for international customers and partners. We are constantly looking for young talents who want to join the Lafert team, where personal growth, training and constant feedback are primary and concrete elements. With us, everyone contributes to an increasingly modern and sustainable world.