ICME and Lafert: this year will be the 20th anniversary of a success story.

15/05/2017 | COMPANY

ICME and Lafert: this year will be the 20th anniversary of a success story.


"A new challenge was faced in 1997" – said Roberto Ferrari, Sales Manager, who has been working for ICME since its foundation in 1982. “Lafert is a leading company in Europe, I was confident that ICME would achieve its growth potential if given the right support and financials.”


"The facts proved us right. From the beginning, Lafert granted the company with the resources needed to face market challenges. It then strengthened our core activities by introducing accurate financial management, a transparent and effective sales policy and - ICME's Sales Manager continues - efficient logistics and manufacturing organisation." This is how ICME became a sound and profitable player. 


"In 1996 ICME’s revenues were below 8 million euros. With Lafert, we then reached €13 million in 2004 and, in the last few years, we have been making approximately 16-18 million euros. A strength of ICME has always been to generate excellent cash flow ensuring a positive net financial position. We achieved all this thanks to our commitment and - Ferrari continues - to Lafert's support, which covered not only purchasing and sales policies but also development of new products, reorganisation of production flows and the organisation of work."


"Professionally speaking, it has been a highly satisfying journey and, today, we are still engaged in new challenges - ICME’s Sales Manager concludes - which will soon give us even greater satisfaction. I am certain that we will continue to achieve extraordinary results."