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Lafert awarded as "SSM Supplier with Excellent Performance 2012"

03/06/2013 | COMPANY

Lafert awarded as "SSM Supplier with Excellent Performance 2012"

In order to wind up 250'000 meters of high quality yarn, a motor has to run at very high speed, meticulous precision and without any vibrations. The accurate controlling and adjusting of the motors' speed throughout the increasing diameter of the bobbin, doesn't only reduce the number of yarn breaks, but also influences the package properties and performance in the subsequent textile processes. SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, a Swiss company and leader in the manufacturing of textile machinery, uses Lafert motors on its winding machines.


Lafert recently obtained an important recognition directly from the main contact people at SSM, Mrs. Claudia Wagner, Head of Strategic Sourcing, and Mr. Patrick Crameri, Buyer. SSM rewarded our constant supply accuracy, quality and overall performance with the "Supplier with Excellent Performance 2012" award, which is only granted to the best suppliers according to their performance in the following three fields: Procurement, Quality Assurance and Research & Development.


This recognition witnesses a durable, strong and positive relationship amongst both companies, attesting that we responded to SSM's requests for increased performance, increased customisation level of technical specifications and improvement of all qualitative standards for better product performance, which include the use of advanced technologies and an impeccable after-sales and customer-service.


Only the most demanding challenges give raise to ideas that allow us to grow and thanks to such experiences we improve the skills that set us apart from the others. The ability to customise all the aspects of the product and the supply, from technical specifications to delivery times, from packaging to the technical/logistic support enabled Lafert to support SSM.