Lafert S.P.A. has obtained the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

Environmental commitment plays a fundamental role. It is a great responsibility that we assume to build a more efficient and sustainable world.

15/12/2021 | COMPANY
The latest news at Lafert is the achievement of the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 that certifies the adequacy of our management system for controlling the environmental impact of our activities and defining objectives and responsibilities.

Among the values that guide the evolution of Lafert Group, environmental commitment plays a fundamental role. It is a great responsibility that we assume to build a more efficient and sustainable world. This vision translates into the development of cutting-edge products with low consumption, the protection of our employees by creating healthy work environments and the sustainable management of our plants.

"Thanks to the commitment of the environment and safety department, the 5S Team and all Lafert colleagues, many actions have been put into practice this year to obtain the certification of the ISO 14001 environmental management system. For us, ISO 14001 certification is an important milestone, it will be the basis for focusing on concrete actions and on many projects starting in 2022." - Paolo Francescato, Health & Safety and Facilities Manager.

What is ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

ISO 14001 identifies the technical standards (ISO) of the International Organization for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system in an organization. This certification demonstrates that the certified organization has an adequate management system to keep the environmental impacts of its activities under control, and systematically seeks improvement in a coherent, effective and above all, sustainable way.

ISO 14001 is therefore not a product certification but a process certification. Lafert is already a leader in the production of innovative electric motors that reach IE5 energy efficiency levels, allowing us to reduce the toxic emissions of our customers' machinery in many industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

The new waste management system.

The new waste management system has played a key role in the elimination of mixed waste containers, the pressing of all plastics and tins, and the complete reorganization of waste management now entrusted to a very limited number of suppliers.

The 5S Team has introduced a new system for identifying containers for separate collection through the use of images and descriptions of each item of waste to avoid any errors.

Hazardous waste is sorted into small containers and collection is carried out by physical packages. This reduces the volume of hazardous waste physically present in the plant, the number of external people involved, and the frequency of the collection, but it requires greater responsibility from the internal staff who must observe the meticulous collection.

Suppliers do not simply dispose of our waste: metal materials are entirely recycled, and some waste is destined for further use by becoming fuel for cement factories. Our evaporator machines also separate the liquid waste obtaining water that can be reused in future processes. Training employees who understand and share the importance of a scrupulous separate waste collection is fundamental in this process.