AEO Certification for Lafert Servo Motors

After Lafert S.p.A., the first company of the Lafert Group to obtain AEO certification, Lafert Servo Motors S.p.A. has now also reached this important milestone and has become an Authorized Economic Operator.

26/01/2022 | COMPANY
The status "Authorized Economic Operator" means an economic operator present in the territory of the European Union that has obtained, following an audit by customs, the AEO authorization valid throughout the Community customs territory. The certification is recognized not only in Europe but in some other nations including the United States and Japan.
Being AEO certified means obtaining the Customs Code that recognizes Lafert Servo Motors as a reliable and safe exporter in the supply chain, after testing compliance with customs regulations and managing commercial and transport records through strict controls.
"AEO certification allows us to have a direct dialogue channel with customs authorities, significantly reducing the complexity of customs operations and ensuring short export times." – Cristiana Damele, Finance Director.
AEO certifies Lafert’s reliability in the market by ensuring high standards of quality, process safety and financial solvency. Consequently, the significant advantages we offer to our customers are customs simplifications, priority treatment, and reduction of controls, shipping times and costs.
Lafert is also already active in extending the AEO certification to the other companies within the group with the aim of obtaining this recognition at group level.