Lafert among the 100 Italian Excellences, VIII Edition

We have been selected among the 100 Italian excellences for the year 2021

20/12/2022 | COMPANY
We have been selected among the 100 Italian excellences for the year 2021

On the first of December 2022 we participated in the award ceremony of the eighth edition of the 100 Italian Excellence Award at the Campidoglio hall in Rome. The purpose of the award is to give recognition to the 100 protagonists of the best Italy, by virtue of the precious contribution made by each of the selected to the growth of our country. We, who have been developing cutting-edge technologies for energy efficiency and industrial automation for sixty years, have been selected for our history and for our annual contribution to environmental sustainability thanks to the reduction of CO2 emitted by the industrial plants that use our motors.

"It was an honour to participate in the award ceremony of the 100 Italian Excellence Award and share this moment with the representatives of other companies that, like us, are using all their forces for the economic development and social sustainability of our country." – Cristiana Damele, Finance Director Lafert Group.

We are innovation that evolves, and we focus everything on energy saving

We produce high-performance, customized electric motors and drives that improve efficiency and reliability by putting all our experience into building a more productive and sustainable future. The Group is strongly oriented towards technological innovation with the aim of improving performance and reducing environmental impact. Over the years, Lafert has positioned itself as a world leader in the segment of very high efficiency motors. Developing increasingly innovative and high-performance motors means significantly reducing our customers' CO2 emissions, and helping to create a more sustainable world both from an energy and environmental point of view.

Our story and our goals have been told and included in the printed volume created by the Liber Association that collects the stories of the companies that in 2021 have distinguished themselves in the development of our country. The volume wants to tell through the story of 100 Italian Excellences the face of beautiful Italy, through characters, companies and organizations that with their work contribute and have contributed to enhancing our country and the quality recognized to our products all over the world.