Even greater importance to issues of inclusiveness in the Code of Ethics and new Whistleblowing platform

28/11/2023 | COMPANY
With the desire to confirm the principles in which we believe, describe the values we are daily inspired in carrying out our activities and guide the behavior of our employees and those who interact with us, we have revised our Code of Ethics to include themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We also believe that for these values and principles to effectively operate within our business environment, it is necessary to introduce tools through which employees and, in general, all our stakeholders can feel free to report any illegal and unethical conduct.

We are committed to ensuring a safe working environment where anyone can grow and feel protected and valued.

A more inclusive Code of Ethics

We believe that the Code of Ethics should be a shared document that expresses the identity of the Lafert Group: a document containing specific principles with which employees can identify.

To this end, a revision of the Lafert Group's Code of Ethics and Conduct was deemed necessary, introducing topics such as gender equality, diversity, fairness, and inclusion, emphasizing the company's commitment against all types of discrimination.

"Lafert practices a zero-tolerance policy toward any act of bullying, psychological, physical or sexual harassment, discrimination, intimidation, threats, insult or victimization in any of the Company's workplaces, whether employees or candidates, suppliers, customers or other stakeholders." - Code of Ethics.

We promote, therefore, through our Code of Ethics, values that inspire honest, upright and inclusive conduct.

Our Whistleblowing Platform

To once again concretize our commitment defined within the Code of Ethics and ensure data security and confidentiality, we have integrated our system for reporting wrongdoing and unethical conduct with a digital Whistleblowing platform.

In this way, Lafert SpA assures all its stakeholders its commitment to promoting a corporate culture based on transparency and trust.

The new Whistleblowing procedure defines the new way of sending and handling reports of potential misconduct and suspected illegal acts carried out by individuals referable to Lafert SpA.

You can make reports, also anonymously, through the link below: https://lafert.whistlelink.com/

Thank you to all stakeholders for your continuous commitment and support in helping to make Lafert SpA a safe, fair, and transparent work environment.