Smartris, the Lafert solution for the AGV market

Introducing Smartris, the fully integrated solution for Automated Guided Vehicles granting high performance in a compact design

28/10/2021 | PRODUCTS
Smartris is a package consisting of a servo motor, gear and drive. It’s a smart solution specially developed for various types of AGV shuttles with a steering system managed through electronic differential. Smartris offers maximum precision, control and reliability of motor and gear, long-lasting battery powered, but it is also dynamic, agile, and safe. Smartris is one of the most compact solutions on the market because the gear is inside the wheel allowing it to operate much lower to the ground and optimizing the space inside the AGV.

The three components of Smartris:
  • Servo Motor from Lafert: combining excellent efficiency, high control and the highest performance on the market
  • Gear: a cyclo gear from Sumitomo Drive Technologies, offering a very compact design and high overload capabilities
  • Servo Drive from Lafert: specifically developed for this application with an intuitive interface.
For several years Lafert and Sumitomo have been players in the AGV sector bringing dedicated solutions to the market. This specific project lasted about a year and a half and was managed by a dedicated team composed of engineers from four companies belonging to both the Lafert Group and Sumitomo Drive Technologies. Innovation, technical know-how, competence, and professionalism were fundamental in completing this important project.

The specific features of this new product include:
  • Compact design due to strong integration between motor and gear
  • Safety warranty: safety encoder, Certified Safe Torque Off (SIL3 IEC 61800-5-2) able to handle dynamic and emergency braking
  • Several additional options, included the wheel that can be supplied in various diameters, and the choice of transducers and motor connection cables.
The range:
  • Voltage 48Vdc 
  • Max payload (AGV included) from 800kg to 3600kg 
  • Speed up to 2,0m/s