HP Integral - Maximum integration for increasingly sophisticated performance

The second generation of our High Performance Motors in ultra-compact dimensions.

09/11/2021 | PRODUCTS
High Performance Integral (HPI) is the second generation of our innovative range of fully integrated PM (Permanent Magnet) Synchronous Motors with variable frequency drive (VFD - IE2 efficiency), which guarantees IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency and offers reduced energy consumption thanks to greater energy efficiency.

This unique product combines the electrical design of brushless servo motors with the mechanical design of AC asynchronous motors and is ideal for both constant and quadratic torque applications. The result is an even more compact, robust and efficient motor, suitable for applications in HVAC, material handling and anywhere energy saving is essential. It combines the superior efficiency of each individual component with variable speed control and maximum compactness, resulting in frame sizes 71, 90 and 112 achieving better performance than asynchronous motors in larger sizes.

"HP Integral is a package that combines high efficiency with intuitive component integration to ensure greater control, high performance and reduced energy consumption." - Andrea Comin, Sales Engineer.

The package frame size 71 is also electrically designed with single-phase power supply and dedicated drive, and guarantees quadratic torque up to 2.2 kW to meet the needs of special applications.

Key benefits of HP Integral:
  • drive pre-configuration that allows for immediate use after installation– the operating parameters are preloaded without the need for further technical settings
  • advanced electronic control that allows you to configure the drive through HP Drive Tools, a user interface available for PC or mobile app, transferable with dedicated HP Drive Stick (USB)
  • opportunity to optimise performance and adapt to the needs of individual applications by synchronising motor and drive as a single package
  • greater efficiency and shorter payback time thanks to precise speed control and system optimisation
  • built-in drive for an ultra compact design
  • three motor/drive configuration packages - Smart, Flow, Plus - to satisfy both variable and constant torque applications.
In addition to greater control, thanks to advanced electronics the motor can be more intuitively integrated into industrial systems with an easier user interface. The original shape of the product combines the Lafert spirit with industrial components designed with an Industry 4.0 perspective and environmental considerations in mind. The result: a sleek and modern package design.