Today our range of Brushless Servomotors ATEX - Zone 2 and 22 is now CCC certified

We are the first successful case in Italy in the direct passage ATEX – CCC.

07/12/2021 | PRODUCTS
The CCC regulation requires that products marketed in China for potentially explosive atmospheres (e.g., gases and dusts) be certified as complying with predefined national standards. The suitability of the products must be issued by an accredited certifying body.

Thanks to Lafert's ATEX certification already attained by TÜV-Italia and a certification process led by TÜV itself, it was possible to achieve this certification. In fact, TÜV-Italia has supported us in the collaboration with the Chinese certification body, minimizing the tests and documentation necessary to achieve the first successful case in Italy in the direct passage “ATEX – CCC”. The Chinese certification body has therefore certified that our brushless motors comply with the Chinese directives CNCA-C23-01 and CNCA-00C-005 and the applicable standards, specifically, for our sizes B28, B36, B56, B63, B71, B10, B13, B16, in the torque range from 0.23 to 182 Nm.

"Thanks to the commitment from the company in developing the product design and documentation and to the tests conducted in collaboration with TÜV-Italy, we are proud to be able to promote our ATEX servomotors in China. The CCC mark serves as a testimony to the quality and compliance of our products not only with ATEX standards but also with Chinese directives/ standards." – Roberto Trevisan, Electrical Design Manager.

CCC certification verifies that our ATEX motors comply with Chinese reference standards GB 3836.1-2010, GB 3836.8-2014, GB 12476.1-2013, GB 12476.5-2013 according to marking:
  • II 3G Ex nA IIC T155°C (T3) Gc
  • II 3D Ex tD A21 T135°C Dc
In addition to the constant search for innovative solutions in all applications, Lafert once again demonstrates its strong approach to the market and commitment to satisfying the increasingly diversified needs of each application also in the Asian market. Our CCC branded ATEX servomotors are designed for the robotics, food processing, printing, and plastic processing sectors, in the presence of solvents and fine powders, and also for plants in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors.