Lafert supports Rugby players both in sport and in study.

We strongly support the Rugby San DonĂ  sport club with concrete action for the growth of future generations.

08/07/2022 | TERRITORY
We strongly support the Rugby San Donà sport club with concrete action for the growth of future generations.

This year, being the sixtieth anniversary of Lafert Group, we have decided to strengthen our commitment to the Rugby San Donà sport club with which we share values and vision: in the historic annual sponsorship we contribute to a series of activities that more concretely represent our support.

Lafert Scholarships

At the end of a challenging school year and sports season full of significant results, we rewarded the boys in the youth category who have distinguished themselves both in sport and in school studies. Seven Lafert scholarships were awarded to the most deserving children in the age groups of those born between 2001 and 2007. At Lafert we believe in the strength of the group and in teamwork as a basis to support and bring out the most outstanding qualities in each of us.

"Let's take a look at the history of sport: the key moments of each team have been marked by the presence of companies that have believed in the value of sport, creating a relationship of mutual trust with the athletes and playing a fundamental role in the development of society and in the growth of children, similar to the role of godparents." - Luigino Zecchinel, Rector of the Academic Senate and historical figure in the rugby environment on the banks of the Piave.

Many guests attended the scholarship ceremony on June 30th, a sign that the San Donà community recognizes supporting young people who demonstrate their commitment to sport and study. Alberto Marusso, President of Rugby San Donà, underlined the strong educational role of rugby not only on the field but also in everyday life, identifying commitment as the key to success in every area. We believe in the future generations The sponsorship contract with Lafert includes several concrete initiatives that over time will be further strengthened to give new opportunities to young people within our territory. In addition to the scholarship, we organized an Open Day during which the young players could learn more about our company (link to the Open Day news).

"Half of today's kids will do a job tomorrow that probably doesn't exist yet. That is why it is essential to be prepared, to give oneself an adequate education to better face the challenges of the future." - Andrea Cereser, Mayor of San Donà. We strongly believe that it is thanks to teamwork and mutual support between colleagues that Lafert has become an international reality and an example of success. We recognise exactly the same values in rugby and want to continue to be part of the growth of future generations in our territory.

"With the various sponsorship and training activities for young workers, Lafert aims not only to speak to young people but to listen to them so that they are a source of energy and positivity, feeling involved in continuously building a better future." Cristiana Damele, Finance Director Lafert Group.