We participated in AHR 2023

Lafert North America team tells us about the highlights of the fair and the latest market trends.

06/03/2023 | FAIRS
Energy savings and integrated products drive the future of HVAC/R systems

We participated in AHR 2023, the exhibition dedicated to the HVAC/R sector held in Atlanta from 6 to 8 February. Lafert North America team tells us about the highlights of the fair and the latest market trends.

The official numbers declare an increase of almost 40% compared to 2022, with over 42,700 registered visitors. The influx was constant and meetings numerous and encouraging.

Minimal environmental impact and sustainability: essential elements in the present and future industry

Reducing environmental impact continues to be a priority for the HVAC/R market: the industry is taking responsibility for facing climate change by reducing emissions and energy consumption. The increase in energy costs over the past year has once again highlighted the urgent need for increasingly efficient solutions. This change is also supported by national and international incentives and regulations that encourage the use of high energy efficiency solutions.

"Many of our customers share the view that integrated high-efficiency motor and drive solutions will be the future for HVAC systems. It is no longer a question of whether electric machines manufacturers will switch to solutions with greater efficiency, but when and how they will." - the Lafert North America team begins.

Equipment, systems and machinery today are increasingly smart, they are able to identify their inefficiencies, requiring less maintenance and optimizing performance. The market is turning to Plug & Play products and mechanically integrated solutions, such as our IFM and HPI, which save time by optimizing functions and energy consumption.

IFM 2.0, our solution for HVLS presented at AHR

During the conferences organized by AHR dedicated to new products and latest technologies, we presented the IFM 2.0 range, an innovative concept of PM Synchronous Motor with low rpm, specifically designed for application to large HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans. The system allows to move a considerable amount of air at low rpm, distributing it evenly, and consuming up to 50% less electricity than traditional ventilation systems.

"A wonderful opportunity for Lafert team members from Canada and Italy to make themselves known and present themselves to the market. We presented the new products together and managed to transfer to visitors the technical qualities and energy advantages of IFM 2.0, a new generation product that met with a lot of interest during AHR Expo." - Lafert North America team.

Integrated systems and maximum energy efficiency: Lafert products dedicated to the HVAC market

The latest Lafert technologies maximize energy savings for an increasingly sustainable world.

"The HP family motors are the best solution in Lafert's product portfolio to meet the current needs of HVAC/R applications. The range meets all the requirements for greater efficiency, which are combined with a characteristic Lafert family feeling and our flexibility in design: three characteristics that have received particular attention from visitors at this fair." - Lafert North America team.

The market is welcoming permanent magnet motor technology, showing increasing interest in the advantages it offers especially in specific applications. As an extension of the PM motor technology developed by Lafert, the HP Integral continues to find approval from pump and fan manufacturers.