Lafert motors gain a new CEL Energy Level

Our HPS motors have obtained the recognition of the CEL - Grade 2 energy level.

14/12/2021 | PRODUCTS
Our synchronous motors pass the tests to achieve the level of efficiency required for export to China. In fact, HPS permanent magnet motors have obtained the recognition of the CEL Grade 2 energy level in accordance with the GB 30253-13 regulation governing permanent magnet synchronous motors.

CEL – China Energy Label, is an energy consumption label for electrical appliances used in China for all applications, from industrial to household. Electric motor manufacturers must display the CEL label, including the energy class, on products intended for the Chinese market to inform consumers about the product’s energy efficiency. The regulation enforced by the Chinese government aims to progressively reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the country.

Our HPS permanent magnet synchronous motors have reached Grade 2 in the range 0.55-37 kW. The achievement of Grade 2, comparable to the European IE4/IE5 class, demonstrates our merit in the manufacturing of high-performance motors, with low energy consumption and environmental impact.

We have also updated the energy class of our asynchronous motors to Grade 3 in compliance with the latest Chinese regulations, homologating the AMPE/AMPH range 0.75-22 kW, 2-4 poles and 0.75-11 kW, 6 poles. According to the GB18613 standard of 2020, only asynchronous motors with CEL Grade 3 label can be imported, produced, and used in China.

"The achievement of new CEL certified energy levels for both synchronous and asynchronous motors represent a great achievement for Lafert: the several tests which the motors are subjected to at an external laboratory and by a local certification body guarantee the quality and high performance of our products." explains Andrea Teso, Electrical Design Manager.

In 2012, our consolidated presence in the Chinese market led us to open a manufacturing plant in Suzhou where we transfer our manufacturing process and attention to quality.

Today we can guarantee an even wider range of products for the Chinese market, suitable not only for industrial automation but also for all those applications where energy efficiency is fundamental.