HPS 2.0: IE4 compliant, more cost efficient!

The second generation of HP motors comes to light

12/03/2013 | PRODUCTS

The second generation of HP motors comes to light

Lafert's reply to the incredible increases in cost of rare earth elements since 2011 is to release the second generation of HPS motors: sensorless permanent-magnet motors, which do not use rare earth element magnets.


The following guiding principles prompted Lafert Group R&D to further improve an already excellent product:
- reduction and stability of the magnet cost;
- development of the IPM technology;
-  improvements in environmental impact.


The result is a range of motors offering a greater stability of production costs, due to the use of more available magnets and the introduction of IPM technology.


In this way, the performance of the first generation of HP motors and especially the IE4 efficiency class are kept whilst significantly improving production costs and thus optimising this range which is largely used for HVAC applications.

High efficiency and sustainable materials: this confirms once again that Lafert meets the markets demand for cost efficiency and energy saving.