AC Motors - IE2/IE3


  • Reliability and efficiency in a well-designed robust package
  • Extensive customization options ensure motors match application needs

Unlimited efficient motive power

AC motors are the motive power of most industrial machinery. This is the principal use for AC motors and it makes up the bulk of Lafert’s business.


Two speed motors allow adjustment of the power consumed according to the needs of the application. This permits significant energy savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions by lowering motor speeds to minimise power consumption.


Lafert offers a full range of two speed motors up to 160 frame size. Two speed motors can be wound for constant torque or variable torque (quadratic torque).


AM/AMV SERIES - Pole change: Also referred to as Dahlander is a two speed motor that offers a 1:2 speed switching (example 2/4, 4/8 etc.). There are two types of internal connection of the winding:  star connection or delta connection. These motors are designed for a direct mains start-up and are of single-voltage.


AM/AMV SERIES - Two windings: Two speed motors with switching ratio other than 1:2, example 4/6. 6/8 etc.; these are wound with two separate windings.


- Frames: 63 to 160
- Output: 0.07 to 18.5 kW
- Frequency: 50 Hz
- Poles: 4/2, 8/4, 4/6 and 6/8
- Aluminium design


- cURus Certification
- Customised flanges and special shafts

Certificate EAC - AC Motors
Certificate of Compliance CSA - AC Motors for Canada
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Declaration of Conformity CE - ATEX AC Motors
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