AC Motors - IE2/IE3


  • IE3 Premium Efficiency compliant since 2010
  • Total reliability and longevity in a well-engineered package
  • Enhanced electrical and mechanical designs to meet today's challenges and market needs

Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions 
AC motors have a significant impact on the total energy operation cost for industrial, institutional and commercial buildings. With this in mind Lafert embraced the challenges and brought a combination of IE3 Premium Efficiency and high reliability product to service this lucrative market.


Today, the major factor influencing the motor industry is energy efficiency driven by both increasingly demanding legislation and industry’s greater awareness of green issue responsibilities.


The PREMIUM EFFICIENCY IE3 motors provide compliance with the requirements of EU MEPS and NEMA/EISA standards in force in the USA and Canada.


AMPE SERIES: nominal full load efficiency according to IE3 @ 400V-50Hz.
Three-phase motors up to 200 kW meeting the requirements of efficiency level in accordance with IEC 60034-30-1;2014


AMPH SERIES: nominal full load efficiency according to IE3 @ 460V-60Hz and NEMA MG 1 - table 12-12 (Premium Efficiency) @ 460V-60Hz.
Motors comply with EISA Directive (Energy Independence and Security Act, 2007).
Efficiency testing method CSA C390-10. Motors verified by UL Underwriters Laboratories Inc. 

For a Global MEPS and Regulations please refer to the attachment “Standard & Regulation”.


- Frame sizes: 56 to 315
- Power: 0.12kW to 200kW
- Poles: 2, 4, 6 
- Frequency: 50Hz


- Frame sizes: 80 to 160
- Power: 0.75kW to 22kW
- Poles: 2, 4, 6
- Frequency: 60Hz

- Construction: aluminium design
- Detachable feet, simple foot to flange conversion
- Four positions cable entry
- IP 55 protection
- Ease of maintenance
- Clean modern lines with RAL 9005 finish


- cURus Certification
- UL Energy Verified Certification
- CCC Certification (China Compulsory Certification)
- EAC Certification
- China Energy Label Certification - Grade 2
- Encoder mounting
- Forced ventilation
- Customised shafts of flanges

Certificate CCC - AC Small Motors
Certificate EAC - AC Motors
Certificate of Compliance CSA - AC Motors for Canada
Certificate of Conformity UL - AC Motors
Certificate UL - High Efficiency Motors
Certificate UL - High Efficiency Motors | Canada
Certificate UL - Motors: Components
Certificate UL - Motors: Components | Canada
Declaration of Conformity CE - Single Phase Motors 56-112
Declaration of Conformity CE - AC Motors 180-315
Declaration of Conformity CE - AC Motors 56-160
Declaration of Conformity CE - ATEX AC Motors
Declaration of Conformity CE - Marine Motors
Declaration of Conformity CE - Old Type Motors
Declaration of Conformity UKCA - AC Motors 56-160
Declaration of Conformity UKCA - Old Type Motors
Declaration WEEE Lafert S.p.A.
General Terms & Conditions of Sales - Lafert S.p.A.



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